Marauders Coaching for Young Adults

I work with young professionals who are aware of possessing great potential but are frustrated by not knowing how to unlock it, direct it, and get traction. Named by the first participants, the Marauders program has proven highly successful in helping young professionals and recent graduates to forge their path and step into what they always knew was possible.

When you join the Marauders program, you’ll gain transformational insights that will guide how you live and work for the rest of your life. These insights are focused around who you are, what you want in life, and what you need to achieve your goals. You’ll also acquire the language you need to network for opportunities and will learn how to present yourself in interviews.

Stop wasting your talent and energy. Become a Marauders program participant and seize your destiny.

“I see Mo not just as a professional coach but as something more. She focuses on who you are as a complete person, so what she does touches both work and life, not just one or the other.”

Sophia Cheng, Marauders program alum

Program Overview

The Marauders program has emerged from my own lifetime experience and is heavily informed by my expertise as a successful executive coach. As importantly, I apply my philosophy as both a championship collegiate rower and a rowing coach who has helped exceptional athletes achieve maximum performance.

Image of Marauder program participant

Program Outcomes

  • A solid sense of identity and purpose
  • A better framework for achieving your aspirations
  • Techniques for presenting yourself in interviews and leveraging your network for opportunities
  • Approaches for leveraging your strengths, enacting your values, and making informed decisions.
  • Processes for evaluating opportunities and stepping into challenges
  • Seeing yourself in a way that will provide a firm base for immediately moving forward through life

Program Pathway

For you to join the Marauders program, you and I need to discover whether we’re well suited to work together. If the fit is good, we’ll proceed along a 5-step path.

  1. Assess strengths. We set the stage by assessing your innate strengths—what you bring to the world.
  2. Clarify values. We clarify what’s important to you in the world—your values.
  3. Determine passion. We explore how you want to play in the world—what kinds of things resonate with you and light you up.
  4. Evaluate and explore. We discern and evaluate the themes that emerge in the first three steps. These themes will help guide me as I coach you. They will also help you in your exploration of what your work path could be, what things and sorts of action will resonate with you, and what kind of environments will allow your strengths to shine.
  5. Engage and move forward. Based upon what has emerged, we brainstorm tools and tactics that enable you to move forward to the next stage of your career.

“Mo is exceptionally gifted. She’s been a successful businesswoman, and she’s worked in non-profits. She was a highly competitive athlete. Bottom line, she had a lot of experience that she draws on when she works with me. She’s the ideal coach in just about every conceivable way.”

Michael Baker, Marauders program alum


  • An introductory consultation to decide whether to work together, and, if so, to orient you to the coaching process
  • Five 1-on-1 coaching calls, during which I listen and guide you through a progression of activities tailored to your needs, priorities, and preferences
  • Core exercises that I’ve developed to ascertain your strengths, your convictions, and the way you want to move through your life and career
  • Activities and assignments that prepare you for the core exercises we do during the calls

Program Cost: $4,750

Video Features

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