Leadership Coaching for Senior Executives

I design my coaching for clients who are currently in, or are preparing for, senior management positions. I specialize in coaching CFOs who are becoming CEOs.

When we work together, we explore how to access your untapped potential. We do this by examining who you are, where you are, and what’s needed for you to lead your organization confidently and successfully. As a result, you’ll be equipped with concrete practices and strategies for leading that are based upon your strengths and values.

Because every leader is as unique as their leadership role, your coaching experience will be highly customized to you and your particular situation.


  • Development of your individual leadership style
  • Heightened situational awareness
  • Effective leadership strategies
  • Powerful long-term perspective
  • Confidence in new and existing executive relationships
  • Greater comfort with uncertainty and risk

My Experience

My executive coaching leverages practices and resources I’ve acquired through coaching individuals at all leadership levels across many industries and organizational profiles. My approach also comes from my experience as a championship athlete and rowing coach, as well as from academic training under the country’s most respected coaching practitioners.

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In our work together, the coaching will revolve around three core components of who you are as a leader:

Activities How you lead (stratagies and tactics) Behaviors & beliefs What is influencing your leadership style, decisions, and choices Purpose What really matters to you as a leader

Program Components

Every client faces a unique set of circumstances. Each engagement is personalized. General components can include the following:

  • Two scheduled one-hour long calls per month
  • Customized exercises that build on our coaching conversations
  • Ad hoc calls or emails when you think they’re necessary
  • Resources applicable to your particular leadership situation (articles, books, videos, etc.)
  • Specific assessments on an as-needed basis (Leadership Circle Profile, Hogan, etc.)

Video Features

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