TerraCognita Coming Soon A project for women athletes in leadership

When a woman is an experienced athlete, there’s a way she carries herself on the field, on the court, or in the arena. Her confidence flows out of what she knows about herself, her abilities, and her training.

Imagine if instead of limiting this wisdom to their sport, women brought it to their work and leadership. Picture what could happen if you reflected on what you’ve experienced as a competitor, then intentionally applied all that strength, power, and pride to who you are as a leader.

That’s why I’ve started the TerraCognita project.


Claiming the Ground You Own

The TerraCognita project is a way for you to find information, resources, and exercises that explore your way of being. But more than that, it’s a place for you to hear—in their own words—stories from women who are re-accessing, claiming, and integrating their internal wisdom and powerful way of being as athletes into every aspect of their lives and leadership.

Video Features

Tapping Your Athletic Experience

On Leadership: What Makes a Great Leader

On Leadership: Tapping Your Inner Athlete

About the Name

Terra cognita is a Latin term that means “the ground you know.” The TerraCognita project helps women claim their athletic experience and bring it directly into their roles as leaders.

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